How to multiply two numbers in VueJS?

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To multiply two numbers in vue.js, use the * operator it will multiply it if your value datatype is a number else if your value datatype is string first convert it using Number() and then perform the multiplication operation.

In the following example, we will take the sample numbers, and strings and perform multiplication operations using the * multiplication operator.

Multiplying Two numbers example

let num1 = 20;
let num2 = 25;
num2 * num1; // 500

Multiplying Two string numbers example

let num1 = "20";
let num2 = "25";
parseInt(num2) * parseInt(num1); // 500

Setup the Vue.js

First, we have to install the Vue project, I had installed the vueJS in my system. If you haven’t installed or have any problem with installation you can follow this article, which will show you step by step process of installation.

How to Install the VueJS project?

After the vue.js project setup, I’m going to show you How to multiply two numbers in vuejs, as mentioned above here, I’m going to use the * multiplication operator.

Let’s start today’s tutorial on how do you multiply two numbers in vue.js?

In this example, we will do

  • take an example of a number and string number data() function
  • Multiplying two numbers example
  • Multiplying two string numbers example
  • print the output on the page screen


        <h1>Multiplying two numbers example</h1>
        <input type="number" v-model.number="firstNum" /> *
        <input type="number" v-model.number="secondNum" /> = 
        <span>{{ firstNum * secondNum }}</span>
        <h1>Multiplying two string numbers example</h1>
        <input type="number" v-model="firstStr" /> *
        <input type="number" v-model="secondStr" /> = 
        <span>{{ Number(firstStr) * Number(secondStr) }}</span>

export default {
    name: "FirstComponent",
    data() {
        return {
            firstNum: "",
            secondNum: "",
            firstStr: "",
            secondStr: "",

In the above vue js example, we have taken the sample numbers and string numbers data(), and performed Multiplying two numbers example, and Multiplying two string numbers example.


multiplication in Vue.js

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